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Praise for A Way Out

“As a fellow sufferer of mental illness, I related to so many parts of Michelle’s story. Her suffering was deeply felt as was her perseverance to get well and conquer her illness. Great insight on how this affects family members and loved ones. Anybody that does not understand mental illness should read this book as it gives a clear understanding of how painful and debilitating it is.

Clint Malarchuk, former NHL goaltender, author of The Crazy Game: How I Survived in the Crease and Beyond


“I recommend this honest, uplifting, heartbreaking, and hilarious book to anyone who is struggling, anyone who has overcome challenges, and anyone who wants to better understand a compassionate approach to mental illness and raise their own awareness of mental health—so I recommend this book to all of us.”

Rebecca Gibson, founder of Orange Daisy Project (supporting teen girls’ mental health)


“Michelle Balge cares about her readers, and shares her darkest moments in the hopes that others will feel validated and understood. Her journey, thought a difficult one, is troublingly common as depression and anxiety are on the rise, but it’s inspiring to know she found her way back to a good life.”

Jessica Holmes, comedian, author of I Love Your Laugh and Depression The Comedy


“A Way Out is an honest, compassionate, and informative story of one young woman’s struggle with severe depression and social anxiety. The writer reveals a candid and honest recollection of her experience with mental illness. This courageous mental health advocate has written a powerful memoir that empowers its readers, making them feel they are not alone in their struggles.”

Numila Parker, MSW, Parents For Children’s Mental Health


“Michelle takes you on a journey of highs and lows as she deals with depression, social anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Her struggles pave a path for anyone struggling to see hope and to realize, as she says, “You can do this.” Michelle reveals in detail her continual battle with depression and its effect on friends and family. A must-read for anyone struggling or wanting to know more about mental illness.”

Kevin R. Briggs, Sergeant, California Highway Patrol (Ret.), author of Guardian of the Golden Gate: Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair


“Through the courageous telling of her own story of every day life, Michelle brings hope. A Way Out shows how Michelle is able, despite her mental illness, to find a way out of the life her illness could have chosen for her to a life that she herself has chosen to live.”

Michele Sparling, Shine Out! Shout Out!