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Michelle Balge

I am a soon to be published author, web design student, sociology graduate, mental health advocate, and animal welfare activist. I live in southern Ontario, Canada, in a relatively small town.

I have experienced, and overcome, severe depression and social anxiety. I spent years of my life living with these, but now have them under control. Though it was a difficult road to travel, I wouldn’t change it, as now I’m able to help others.

In April 2017 I decided to write a memoir. Within a week I had almost half of the first draft written. The next half took several months to write, and the rest of the publishing process has taken even longer. Not that I’m complaining. I’m extremely excited to be working on this project and am waiting in anticipation for it to get in the hands of readers. I’m hoping that my words can make a positive difference in at least one person’s life.

More About Me...

Web Design Student

Beyond being an author, I’m a student at Sheridan College in the post-graduate Web Design program. I’ve been designing websites and graphics for fun since I was 11, and have finally come to see it can become a career. Once I graduate, I hope to build websites for nonprofit organizations and small businesses with a focus on mental health and animal welfare.

Mental Health Advocate

In university I won the Executive of the Year award as President of Active Minds, a mental health club. At graduation I won the Spirit of Brock medal for my courage, inspiration, innovation, leadership, and community involvement, all heavily focused on mental health. I’ve given multiple speeches to the community, students, and professionals in the field about my experience with mental health, and look forward to continuing to do so.

Animal Welfare Activist

At Brock University I graduated with a major in sociology and concentration in critical animal studies. I’ve always had a love for animals, especially apes and monkeys. Studying animal minds, cultures, and ways they’re exploited has really opened my eyes to not only their intelligence, but their vulnerability. I’ve been vegetarian for over 7 years now, and don’t plan on ever going back.