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Michelle Balge


I’m the author of A Way Out: A Memoir of Conquering Depression and Social Anxiety, which will be released February 27, 2018. This memoir will focus both on my illness and recovery, providing a message of hope.

Memoir Synopsis

A Way Out: A Memoir of Conquering Depression and Social Anxiety gives a raw, unfiltered look into the life and thoughts of a young woman, Michelle, experiencing severe depression and social anxiety. Social anxiety plagued her since her early youth, hindering her most as a young adult. She began having suicidal thoughts in her early teens but didn’t perceive them as being abnormal. This eventually evolved into a deep depression. Her social anxiety and depression fueled each other, creating a grave cycle of negative thoughts.

Michelle is able to share her experiences in a way that allows others to go along for the ride with her: the highs, the lows, and the amusingly unexpected. It artfully conveys Michelle’s journey through mental illness and toward mental health. Beyond the haunting honesty, A Way Out delivers heart, humour, and hope.